Director & Author: Nicolette Krebitz
Cast: Sophie Rois, Udo Kier, Milan Herms
Producers: Komplizen Film, Kazak Productions, kineo Filmproduktion, SWR, ARTE
Distribution Germany: 
Port au Prince Pictures

! A E I O U – A QUICK ALPHABET OF LOVE will be released on June 16 2022 in German cinemas !

An actress is mugged in front of a trendy bar in West Berlin. Barging into her, a young man takes her handbag and runs off into the night. A short while later, they meet again. Anna (Sophie Rois) and Adrian (Milan Herms). This time she is his teacher and supposed to improve his speaking skills. Adrian is an orphan and considered a „difficult case“. Anna is an actress but hasn’t been working for a while. Both have strayed from their path and don’t quite fit in. The speech classes take place at Anna’s apartment. Her flat belongs to Michel (Udo Kier), who owns the whole house. He is her biggest fan and dearest friend. Soon, the lessons turn into dinners, strolls and shared cigarettes. And eventually Anna and Adrian decide to take on the world. Cheered on by each others affection, without a penny to their name, they leave town. They want to go to France, to the seaside.

A E I O U – A QUICK ALPHABET OF LOVE is a German-French Co-Production by Komplizen Film, Kazak Productions, kineo Filmproduktion, SWR and Arte and was funded by the BKM, MBB, DFFF, FFA, Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée, MDM and Film- und Medienstiftung NRW. The film will be released in theatres by Port au Prince Pictures on May 5 2022.



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