Director: Oliver Rhis
Oliver Rihs, Daniel Young, Thomas Hess, David Keller, Michael Auer, Olivier Kolb
Cast: Tom Schilling, Robert Stadlober, Jule Böwe, Kirk Kirchberger, Daniel Zillmann, Milan Peschel and others
Producer: Port au Prince Film & Kultur Produktion
German Distribution: Port au Prince Pictures

“Champagne’s-a-gogo,” a drunken artist yells out across the river Spree before turning to vomit all over a well-dressed yuppie couple from Munich. In doing so, he expresses the urge of so many Berliners in this equally wild and pitch-black comedy who fear missing an opportunity to make money. In a city marked by poverty, however, this is anything but a cakewalk and requires ingenuity.

BLACK SHEEP is a bitter-sweet comedy, a portrait of Berlin and its sometimes grotesque inhabitants. Thirteen protagonists, two days and two nights. As different as they may be, they’re united by one thing: the struggle for power, money and sex.

Take Boris, for example, the former Rolex hand model who lives as an impostor these days, but now wants to start anew and urgently needs some capital to do so. The only thing of value he has, however, are his hands and the sum that insures them… Or take the two unemployed Satanists who perform a devilish ritual to get their hands on money and power. Unfortunately, they need a woman to volunteer and play their victim. Which would be tricky, if one of them didn’t have a comatose grandma… Then there are two hippie twentysomethings determined to get their flat renovated for free by bamboozling the anti-capitalist “Agency for Work without Money” with political babble…

BLACK SHEEP tells of luck and failure. It’s a wild, urban rollercoaster ride that mercilessly buries illusions, yet also lets love and light come into play.