Director: Oliver Rhis
Oliver Rihs
Cast: Mia Magma, Conny Dachs, Pau Pappel
Producer: Port au Prince Film & Kultur Produktion 
German Distribution: Port au Prince Pictures

Two female porn-dolls wander through a romantic forest where they meet a dead rabbit. The question of god and the hereafter accompanies them on their subsequent way until they encounter Bill Volcano, a male porn-doll. They go at it rather quickly – sex sells! – but the more ecstatic the act of sex gets, the more intense their discussions about death and the longing for a fulfilled life becomes. Welcome to hyperreality!

“If the truth is where nothing is kept hidden, then pornography is probably more truthful than truth!” – These are the words of philosopher Jean Baudrilliard, whose theories Oliver Rihs has taken on together with Carl Hegemann for their art film HASENHIMMEL (BUNNY HEAVEN). Thus they created an equally fairytale-like and pornographic meditation on the big final question: What comes after death?