Showrunner: Florian Opitz
With: Eberhard Diepgen, Klaus Landowski, Renate Künast, Sandy Kaltenborn, Marion Brasch, Peter Fox, Klaus Wowereit, Kool Savas, Dimitri Hegemann, Thilo Sarrazin, Pamela Schobeß, Franziska Giffey amm.
Producers: Port au Prince Film & Kultur Produktion, Fruitmarket
Co-Producers: ARTE, rbb, WDR

+++ CAPITAL B celebrates its world premiere at this year’s Dok.fest Munich +++

Since the fall of the Wall in 1989, Berlin has been transformed via many detours from a rather provincial city into a world metropolis, one that today resembles both a boomtown and an ungovernable zone. The five-part documentary series CAPITAL B recounts the exciting and entertaining tale of how the city meandered into becoming what it is today. It’s a story of idealism and megalomania, activism and the force of capital, of social advancement and exclusion. CAPITAL B draws us into the slipstream of a unique city and into the battles that have been waged in Berlin with passion and no holds barred for thirty years to decide one question: Who does this city belong to?

Capital B is not the umpteenth true-crime series, but an unprecedented urban sociology in the form of an exciting, entertaining and highly topical documentary series. New in style, socio-politically relevant and excitingly told. Like Netflix, but public service. Or to put it immodestly: a mixture of House of Cards and The Wire, but for real, as a docu-series.