Director: Oliver Rhis
Writers: Oliver Rihs, Jann Preuss, Thomas Hess
Cast: Peter Weiss, Marges Rashidi, Manuel Cortez, Julia Dietze and others
Producer: Port au Prince Film & Kultur Produktion
Co-Producer: SwissEffects, Seven Pictures Film
German Distribution: Port au Prince Pictures

LANCELOT is a hilarious episodesque comedy about the desperate search for love in the internet. The shy student Lancelot (Peter Weiss) just has no luck getting to know women. But his lonely life takes a radical turn when his flatmate Milan (Manuel Cortez) creates and proactively manages an online dating profile for him. Suddenly, Lancelot is overwhelmed with dates, yet his meetings with the fair sex go terribly… Will Lancelot ever succeed, without harm to body and ego, in conquering someone’s heart?

DATING LANCELOT is an unusually bold romantic comedy full of dark humor and with a razor-sharp take on twentysomethings’ sexuality and longing for love.