Author/Director: Tarik Saleh
Cast: Fares Fares, Marie Malek, Yaser Maher, Ahmed Seleem
Producer: Atmo Produktion
Co-Producers: Ostlicht Filmproduktion, Final Cut for Real
World Distribiution: Match Factory
German Distribiution:
Port au Prince Pictures

In 2011, Cairo is a city full of contradictions: Ruled by the rich and powerful, corruption, decadence and greed define the daily grind. Since his wife died in a car accident, Noredin, a common policeman, has sought refuge in the routine of his job.

When a famous singer is found dead in a suite of the luxurious Nile Hilton hotel, Noredin is made chief investigator of the case. What at first seems to be a crime of passion, quickly becomes a threat to the ruling Egyptian elite. Even before Noredin is to start his investigation, the case is closed. But when the beautiful Gina (Hania Amar) delivers fresh evidence to Noredin, the dedicated policeman resumes the investigation on his own. While the riots at Tahrir Square continue to thrive, Noredin finds himself in a life-threatening network of power, passion and corruption.

Tarik Saleh’s masterful thriller THE NILE HILTON INCIDENT tells its story in touching images and addresses urgent political issues. A real jewel!