Director: Matthias Glasner
Cast: Corinna Harfouch, Lars Eidinger, Lilith Stangenberg, Ronald Zehrfeld, Robert Gwisdek, Saskia Rosendahl, Anna Bederke amm.
Production: Port au Prince Film & Kultur Produktion, Senator Film Distribution Germany: Wild Bunch Germany

+++ Winner of the Silver Bear for Best Screenplay +++

+++ 9 Nominations for the German Film Awards +++

DYING follows the very individual members of the Lunies family, that hasn’t been a family for a long time. LISSY LUNIES (Corinna Harfouch), in her mid-70s, is quietly happy about her demented husband GERD (Hans-Uwe Bauer) slowly wasting away in a home. But her new freedom is merely short-lived: Diabetes, cancer and kidney failure are only some of the signals telling her, that she doesn’t have much time left. At the center of this panopticon of the doomed stands her son TOM LUNIES (Lars Eidinger), a conductor in his early 40s. With his depressive best friend BERNARD (Robert Gwisdek), he is working on a composition called „Dying“, while at the same time being made the surrogate father of his ex-girlfriend’s child. Meanwhile Tom’s sister ELLEN LUNIES (Lilith Stangenberg) starts a wild love affair with the married dentist SEBASTIAN (Ronald Zehrfeld). But above the affection for each other, the two share a passionate love for alcohol. Ellen refuses to function within a system of conventions and instead chooses a liberating mixture of lust and intoxication – and yet, everything in life has its price. And as Death, the old bastard, finally turns up on Lissy’s, Tom’s and Ellen’s doorstep, the three estranged family members finally meet again.

DYING is an intense depiction of life constantly facing the impertinence of death; tender and brutal, absurdly funny and deadly sad, terribly bitter and sometimes surprisingly beautiful.