Director: Dominik Moll

Cast: Sylvie Testud, Juliane Köhler, Trystan Pütter, Wolfram Koch amm

Created by: Edward Berger, Nele Mueller-Stöfen, Marianne Wendt

Idea by: Jano Ben Chaabane & Felix Randau

Scripts: Constantin Lieb, Dominik Moll, Felix von Boehm, Laurent Mercier, Nele Nueller-Stöfen, Edward Berger

Producers: Atlantique Producions, Lupa Film, Port au Prince Film & Kultur Produktion

Co-Producers: Blonde Productions, Nexus Factory, ARTE France, ARTE Deutschland, SWR, ARD Degeto


World Sales: Lagardère Studios

+++ Now available for Home Entertainment +++

A Greek beach on a sunny day. All of a sudden, a small dinghy boat crammed with fifty refugees lands on the beach and its passengers start running through a crowd of flabbergasted tourists. This disturbing scene shapes the destinies of many characters: a Nigerian on the run, a Greek security guard haunted by guilt, a French camp owner caught up in the upheaval, a German couple hosting a secretive refugee, a Syrian family taking a fresh start but soon to be tormented by their past…

On March 25th, EDEN premiered at Series Mania 2019 in Lille. The series will be aired by Arte and ARD, starting May 2nd.