Writer & Director: Behrooz Karamizade
Cast: Hamid Reza Abbasi, Sadaf Asgari, Keyvan Mohamadi, Pantea Panahiha, Ali Bagheri
Production: Basis Berlin Filmproduktion, Living Pictures Production, Rainy Pictures
German Distributor: Port au Prince Pictures

+++ LEERE NETZE premieres at Filmfest Munich +++

+++ In German cinemas January 18 2024 +++

Amir loves Narges and Narges loves Amir. They dream of building a life together, but when Amir loses his job, marriage becomes a distant prospect – the bride price Iranian traditions demand of him is too high. Hoping to overcome class differences with hard work, Amir hires on with a rural fishery on the rugged coast of the Caspian Sea, where he becomes entangled in criminal activities of illegal caviar poaching. Amir is increasingly drawn into a dangerous maelstrom that also endangers his relationship with Narges.

With his visually impressive debut film EMPTY NETS, director Behrooz Karamizade unfolds a poetic love story and at the same time paints a haunting portrait of the young generation in Iran: He tells of their hope for a freer future and sheds light on the life-threatening flight movements in contemporary Iran.