Director & Writer: Michael Fetter Nathanksy
Cast: Aenne Schwarz, Carlo Ljubek, Sara Fazilat uvm.
Production: Contando Films, Studio Zentral/Network Movie, ZDF – Das kleine Fernsehspiel
Distribution Germany: Port au Prince Pictures
German Press: 
Kern des Ganzen
World Sales: Be For Films

+++ EVERY YOU EVERY ME celebrates its world premiere at Berlinale Panorama +++

+++ in german cinemas from may 30th +++

At the age of 24, single mother Nadine leaves her home in Brandenburg to take a job as a factory worker in the coal industry near Cologne. When she begins to perceive and love her impulsive colleague Paul in different guises, she finally manages to feel herself again. The two become a couple and a great love develops between them.

Seven years later, Nadine can only see Paul in his “true” outer form, which seems increasingly alien to her. Her job is threatened by structural change in the coal industry, and although Paul is a devoted family man, her love for him begins to dissolve. She decides to fight it and tries to revive the roles she once saw in him.

EVERY YOU EVERY ME is a magical, social realistic love story set against the backdrop of one of the largest brown coal mining areas in Europe, an intimate observation of love and a passionate and playful plea for a loving gaze.

Aenne Schwarz (ALLES IST GUT, VOR DER MORGENRÖTE) and Carlo Ljubek (SOPHIA, DER TOD UND ICH) hauntingly embody the core of this melancholy and turbulent debut film (R&D: Michael Fetter Nathansky).