Writer & Director: Aylin Tezel
Cast: Aylin Tezel, Chris Fulton, Alexandra Dowling, Rory Fleck Byrne, Samuel Anderson uvm.
Production: Weydemann Bros., Compact Pictures, WeFadeToGrey, ARTE, WDR, SR
Distribution Germany: 
Port au Prince Pictures

+++ In German Cinemas Dec 7 +++

+++ FALLING INTO PLACE wins FIPRESCI Award at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2023 +++

Kira and Ian – both in their mid-30s – meet one winter weekend on the Isle of Skye. Both are on the run – from their past as well as from the reality of their current lives. The 36 hours they spend together are carried by fun and lightness. A deep, almost magical connection develops between the two strangers. Everything seems possible. But fate tears them apart again. Both return to London without knowing that they live in the same city. Often only a few minutes, metres and coincidences apart, Kira and Ian move through the pulsating big city; they never meet each other. First they have to face their demons before they are ready to really meet.

With FALLING INTO PLACE, Aylin Tezel has created one of the most tender love films of recent years based on her own screenplay. In addition to directing the film, she also plays the female lead, Kira, who is searching for her place in life and happiness, with great intensity. At her side, Chris Fulton (BRIDGERTON) delivers a brillant performance, playing Ian with mischievous humour, intense power and an underlying vulnerability. The rest of the cast includes other well-known British actors such as Alexandra Dowling (GAME OF THRONES), Olwen Fouéré (THE NORTHMAN), Michael Carter (STAR WARS), Samuel Anderson (ANOTHER LIFE) and shooting stars such as Layo-Christina Akinlude (THE END OF THE F***ING WORLD) and Rory Fleck Byrne (THE FOREIGNER). Australian singer-songwriter Stu Larsen makes a small surprise cameo.

The multi-award-winning DOP Julian Krubasik (ALLES IST GUT, HI AI, DIG DEEPER) finds the right images for this touching love story: in his shots, which alternate between intense close-ups and great long shots, he sets the scene for the protagonists, allowing the vast landscape of the Isle of Skye to shine as a magical place and the wild metropolis of London as a pulsating, restless counterpart. Accompanied by a sensitive film score by Berlin composer Ben Lukas Boysen and British musician and internationally acclaimed electro pioneer Jon Hopkins, who previously worked on productions such as the Oscar-nominated feature film THE LONELEY BONES (2009), MONSTERS (2010) and HOW I LIVE NOW (2013), FALLING INTO PLACE tells of the very personal love between two people, but also universally of the dreams and fears of an entire generation.

FALLING INTO PLACE is a production of Weydemann Bros. in coproduction with Compact Pictures and WeFadeToGrey in cooperation with ARTE, WDR and SR. Supported by the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, the German Federal Film Fund, and MEDIA – Creative Europe and Screen Scotland.