Director: Edward Berger
Nele Mueller-Stöfen & Edward Berger
Cast: Ivo Pietzcker, Georg Arms, Luise Heyer and others
Producer: Port au Prince Film & Kultur Produktion
Cine Plus Filmproduktion, MIXTVISION Film, Neue Bioskop Film, Zero West Filmproduktion
World sales:
Beta Cinema
German Distribution:
Camino Filmverleih

Jack (Ivo Pietzcker) is ten years old and still new to the children’s home. It’s summer. Anticipation is mounting, but on the last day of school, his mother Sanna (Luise Heyer) fails to pick him up. After a quarrel at the home, Jack runs away. He makes his way to where his mother and younger brother Manuel (Georg Arms) lived, but nobody is there. After Jack finds and picks up Manuel at a friend’s place, they search for their mother together, roaming the city for several days…

JACK is about the journey of a young boy who’s forced to learn responsibility at a very young age.