Authors/Directors:  Noël Dernesch, Moritz Springer
Protagonists: Tillmann Otto aka GENTLEMAN, Alberto D’Ascola aka ALBOROSIE and others
Producer: Port au Prince Film & Kultur Produktion GmbH
Worldwide Distribution: Rise and Shine World Sales
German Distribution:
Zorro Film
Swiss Distribution: Look now!

Over the course of seven years, the directors Noël Driesch and Moritz Springer with their director of photography Marcus Winterbauer (e.g. Rhythm Is It) accompanied the two exceptional European reggae artists Gentleman (German) and Alborosie (Italian) on a quest for authenticity far from western consumer society in the country of rastafarianism and reggae: Jamaica.

On their journey, they meet Richie Stephens as well as Damian Marley, among others, but also Natty – Gentleman’s friend and driver – who gives an undisguised account of the daily struggle beyond the Caribbean island dream. Professor Caroyln Cooper provides them with the contrasting intellectual view on Jamaican politics and culture, and as reggae grandmaster, Jack Radics confronts the team with surprising truths.

Following the protagonists, we dive into a world where music becomes a valve to confront poverty, crime and the lack of perspective, an encouraging world that is defined by a great spirit of togetherness. A world of which Alborosie says, “God lives here. But Satan does, too.” Welcome on board for a JOURNEY TO JAH!