Director: Jasmila Zbanic
Authors: Aleksandar Hemon, Jasmila Zbanic
Cast:  Ariane Labed, Ermin Bravo, Ada Condeescu and others
Producer: Ziva Produkcija
Co-Producers: Komplizen Film, Okofilm Productions, Deblokada Produkcija,  ZDF, Arte
World sales: The Match Factory
German Distribution: Port au Prince Pictures

Grebo (Ermine Bravo) and his pregnant wife Liliane (Ada Condeescu) spend their holidays on the Adriatic coast of Croatia. They enjoy their time in the sun, swimming, eating, and loving each other – until the seductive Flora (Ada Condeescu) shows up. Grebo instantly feels a bond between him and the diving teacher, unaware of the secret that connects Flora and Liliane. But secrets don’t stay secrets for long on the Adriatic coast and an unconventional love story soon unfolds…

Colorful and full of love, Berlinale winner Jasmila Žbanić tells the story of a young family living through a phase of emotional chaos. She teaches a lesson about love itself on the idyllic Croatian island. LOVE ISLAND – an easy-going summer comedy about future parents and long-forgotten lovers.