Author/Director: Talal Derki
Producer: BASIS BERLIN Filmproduktion
Ventana Film, Cinema Group Production and Südwestrundfunk, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg in collaboration with Arte and Impact Partners
World sales:
German distributor:
Port au Prince Pictures

Studying the Koran instead of math’s, combat-training instead of football-training, military discipline instead of youthful rebellion – this constitutes the everyday life of Ayman (12) and Osama (13). Growing up in Syria, they are meant to become Islamic god warriors. At least that is what their father Abu Osama, leader of the Al-Nusra-rebels has in mind for them. It is his biggest dream to build up a caliphate.

After RETURN TO HOMS director Talal Derki returned to his home country Syria for his feature documentary OF FATHERS AND SONS – CHILDREN OF THE CALIPHATE. He pretends to be a sympathizer of the Salafists and earns the trust of a radical-Islamist family. For two years, he accompanies their everyday-life. In doing Talal Derki, he provides an emotional and unique insight into a usually hidden life.