Author/Director: Marcel Seehuber, Moritz Springer
Internationales Anarchistisches Treffen 2012 – St. Imier, Schweiz, Confederación General del Trabajo (CGT) – Barcelona, Spain, Parko Navarinou – Athen, Griechenland, Kartoffelkombinat – Munich, Germany, and many more
Producer: Port au Prince Film & Kultur Production
German Distribution: Drop-Out Cinema
DVD-Distribution, VoD: good!movies

This documentary enters the multi-layered world of anarchists and breaks with the established clichés of throwing stones and general chaos. Much to the contrary, it opens the view onto a movement that demands the impossible, rocks the pillars of our society and in so doing points out unsolved central questions of our time. The film deals with a political movement, its theories and the people that work towards its realization.

Anarchy is a radical approach and PROJECT A’s protagonists question the fundamental principles of the capitalist world order. Twenty years after the collapse of “real, existing socialism,” broad sections of society similarly question if capitalism is a social model fit for the future. Which alternatives does anarchism offer?

PROJECT A pursues this both old and new idea and takes the viewer on a journey to anarchistic projects.