Director: Viktor Chouchkov
Writers: Borislav Chouchkov, Viktor Chouchkov
Cast: Yavor Baharov, Radina Kardjilova, Ovanes Torosian
Producers: Chouchkov Brothers, Bulgarian National Television
Co-Producers: Ostlicht Filmproduktion
German Distribution/Cinema: Port au Prince Pictures
German Distribution/DVD: Lighthouse Home Entertainment
Bulgarian Distribution: A Plus Films

Bulgaria in the early 1990s: The daredevil Stash (Yavor Baharov) and his gang survive off of small-time crime, always on the run from the ubiquitous state and secret service. When Stash falls in love with the rebellious Becky (Radina Kardjilova), he’s oblivious to the minefield he has stumbled upon. As harmless play turns deadly serious, an existential fight for her love ensues.

TILT is the passionate love story of two people against the backdrop of the crumbling Eastern bloc. The couple learns to grind out their right to love and that the game is never over until you give up.