Author/Director: Tom Shoval
Cast: Moshe Ivgy, Eitan Cunio, David Cunio, Gita Amely a.m.m.
Producer: Green Productions
Co-Producer: ONE TWO Films, United King Films, SR, Arte
Worldwide Distribution: Match Factory
German Distribution/Cinema: Port au Prince Pictures
French Distribution: Ad Vitam Distribution,
Israeli Distribution: United King Films 

YOUTH tells the story of the brothers Yaki (David Cunio) and Shaul (Eitan Cunio), who are connected by a close bond. They stand up for each other and fight hardship together. Their family is heavily indebted and their father suffers from depression. The two brothers intend to make a change – they can’t bear to watch their family fall apart bit by bit. So, when the older brother returns home from military service for the weekend, they decide to save their family from its social decline. With weapons in hand, they forge a fateful plan and are thus drawn ever deeper into a violent and increasingly hopeless vicious circle.