Director: Anthony Vouardoux
Writers: Anthony Vouardoux, Daniel Young
Cast: Marc Hosemann, Milton Welsh
Producer: Port au Prince Film & Kultur Produktion
Co-Producer: Oliwood Productions
Worldwide Distribution: Kurzfilm Agentur Hamburg

Cosmonaut Yuri Lennon’s space capsule is about to land on Alpha 46. His mission is to find the mysterious source of signals that have been received on earth. During his descent, he’s in radio contact with a bellowing General in Houston. At first, the men joke, but things get serious when Yuri enters the atmosphere of the alien planet – after life-threatening complications, the landing succeeds. Yuri starts his search, but what he finds is barely comprehensible: a plant with a glowing pearl. When he plucks it, his hand is guided by a strange power until the pearl is lodged between his eye and the distant earth hovering in space. Then the pearl suddenly becomes transparent and he holds the Earth between two fingers…

YURI LENNON’S LANDING ON ALPHA 46 is a unique short film told in one shot, predominantly as a close-up from Yuri’s space helmet.